The jurisdiction of this our court includes Taichung City and Taichung Hsien, where there are 21 administrational areas of hsiang and chen. There are 8 geographical districts in Taichung city. In the jurisdiction there are 3 summary courts in charge of the 1st trial of civil case and criminal case, as well as the trial on violation of Law of Maintaining Society Order. There are also two ordinary courts in charge of the interlocutory appeal, the appeal against the verdict made by the summary courts in the 1st trial on civil case, criminal cases and the violation of Law of Maintaining Society Order. 

Jurisdiction of Taichung Summary Court:
    (1) Taichung City which consists of East district, west district, south      district,  north district, central district, His-tun district, Nan-tun district and Pei-tun  district 
    (2) Taichung Hsien which consists of Ta Li City, Tai Pin City and Wufeng Hsiang and wu Jih Shiang.

Location of Taichung Summary Court:
    91, Section 1, Tzu Yu Road, Taichung City.

Jurisdiction of Feng Yuen Summary Court:
    Feng Yuen City, Tan Tzu Hsiang, Ta Ya Hsiang, Shen Kang Hsiang,
    Shih Kang Hsiang, Hsin She Hsiang, Tong Shih Chen and Ho Ping
Location of Feng Yuen Summary Court:
    139, Section 1, Feng Hsing Road, Tan Tzu Hsiang, Taichung Hsien.

Jurisdiction of Sha Lu Summary Court:
    Hou Li Hsiang, Wai Pu Hsiang, Ta Chia Chen, Ta An Hsiang, Ching      Shui  Chen, Wu Chi Chen, Sha Lu Chen, Lung Ching Hsiang, Ta Tu Hsiang   . 
Location of Taichung Summary Court:
    689 Chung San Road, Sha Lu Chen, Taichung Hsien.

  Our court is an ordinary court as well as an administrative court in charge of the trial of administrative proceeding. Each court is in charge of different duties. Our court is a juridical agency to entertain civil and criminal cases. It consists of civil court, family court, labor court, intellectual property court, election court, criminal court, security court, traffic court, juvenile court and medical court in specialized fields. These courts are in charge of the trial under their own authorities. Civil Enforcement Office entertains the application of the creditor who receives the approval of enforcement, and wants to order the debtor to settle the debt, to have or not to have the act. Non-contentious Affair Center entertains the application for ruling of the promissory note, payment warrant, auction of the collateral and putting on notice. It is a ruling to verify the private right without oral debate.