Enforcing jurisdiction is for the sake of a peaceful society. On civil cases we introduce centralized examining system so that the litigants and the judge have a complete understanding on the details of the case before the court opening day, and the judge can arrange, verify and simplify the issues. Thus, the oral debate can efficiently focus on the issues. Besides, we actively arrange reconciliation for the litigants so that both parties can settle the disputes peacefully in mind. On criminal cases we introduce cross questioning system so as to discover the truth early, not to do injustice or set free of the criminal. The final goal is to protect the private rights and maintain the social order. On the juridical administration we carry out computerized juridical operation, and promote the education on law knowledge in general. In order to upgrade service quality, practically offer greater convenience to the people and treat people politely, and realize the concept ¡§Jurisdiction exists for the people¡¨, we applied for ISO 9001, an international quality system certification. On September 23, 2004 we passed the inspection, and got the certificate. Starting from today we¡¦ll continue to work hard under the quality policy ¡§Reinforce service quality and enhance working efficiency¡¨, and achieve the goal that jurisdiction is to exist for the people.