1. Establishment and Taking over
This court was called ¡§The Taichung District Court¡¨, set up in Japan occupied time (1896 AD). It was located at the current site ¡V 91 Section 1, Tzu Yu Road, Taichung City. After Taiwan restoration, Taiwan High Court appointed Mr. Wei-yueh JAO, a judge of Taiwan domicile (namely the judge in Japan occupied time) to act as the deputy of court president in charge of the taking over affairs. The taking over was completed on December 17, 1945 (the 34th year of the Republic of China), then the court was renamed as Taiwan Taichung District Court.¡C
At the early stage of taking over, all the Taiwanese employees including the clerk Mr. Zen-ho WEN, total 13, were retained, and continuously provided with the posts. As to the Japanese employees including Mr. Hiraoka Kamekichi, total 12, were temporarily retained their posts in name of section chiefs so as to give assistance to the work. They worked till March 28, 1946 (the 35th year), then all of these Japanese employees were sent back to Japan by our government.

2. Subordinate and Jurisdiction
Taiwan Taichung District Court is subordinate to Taiwan High Court. Its jurisdiction covered the whole Taichung State in Japan occupied time. In 1945 (the 34th year) Taiwan was restored. Our government adjusted Taichung State as Taichung City, Changhwa City and Taichung Hsien. On October 15, 1950 (the 39th year) it was readjusted as Taichung City, Taichung Hsien, Changhwa Hsien and Nantou Hsien. There were total 68 administration areas of Shiang, Chen, City and Chu. The land area is 7,832.9429 square kilometers. There are about 2,596,000 residents.¡C
For the requirement and convenience of the litigants of Changhwa residents, we set up Changhwa Branch Court on January 22, 1960 (the 49th year) at Yuen Lin Chen, Changhwa Hsien under the jurisdiction of Changhwa Hsien. This branch court is in charge of the 1st trial of civil cases, conciliation of civil cases, execution of civil cases and non-contentious affair, but the criminal cases were still examined in our court. As the cases were increasing, we set up Taiwan Changhwa District Court at the original site of Changhwa branch court on October 14, 1968 (the 57th year). Since then our jurisdiction are only in Taichugn City, Taichung Hsien and Nantou Hsien.
In order to coordinate with the enforcement of Law of Maintaining Social Order, and entertain the simple civil and criminal cases of the 1st trial, on July 1, 1991 (the 80th year) we set up a summary court in Feng Yuen, Ching Shui, Nantou, Puli and Taichung, and also set up a common court in Feng Yuen, Nantou and Taichung to entertain the interlocutory appeal lodged by the people who is against the verdict made by the summary court on violation of Law of Maintaining Society Order.
Taiwan Provincial Government was moved to Chung Hsing New Village in Hantou Hsien in August 1957 (the 46th year). Thus, the business and society of Nantou became prosperous. As the days passed by, various cases were increasing. To relieve Nantou residents of their travel toiling to Taichung for lawsuit, on July 1, 1994 (the 83th year) we set up Taiwan Nantou District Court at 759 Chung Hsing Road, Nantou City (just opposite to Nantou Hsien Government). Because of the establishment of Taiwan Nantou District Court, our juridical areas are limited to Taichung City and Taichung Hsien only.

image  Chief Judge in all previous terms

Term resume Name Gender Date of Birth Registered domicile From...To data
1 Wei-yueh JAO male 1903 A.D. Taiwan Graduated from Kyoto Empire University,Japan 1945/12/17 to 1946/12/4
2 Piao CHIH male 1907 A.D. Che Chiang, China Graduated from Central University. Chief Judge of Hua Lien District Court 1945/12/4 to 1953/6/1
3 Yen LIAO male 1895 A.D Fu Chien, China Graduated from Beijing Academy of Politics and Law. Court president of Taipei District Cour 1953/6/1 to 1955/4/30
4 Shih-lieh CHU male 1915/7/23 Fu Pei, China Graduated from Wu Han University. Court president of Chia Yi District Court 1955/4/30 to 1965/9/24
5 Ching-ho LEE male 1908 A.D. Che Chiang, ChinaGraduated from National Chengchi University. Chief Judge of Chia Yi District Court 1965/9/24 to 1969/8/18
6 Peng-nien CHUANG male 1914/7/30 Chiang Su, China Graduated from Shanghai Law College. Chief Judge of Tainan District Court 1969/8/18 to 1976/8/21
7 Shu-li WU male 1921/10/20 Chiang Su, China Graduated from Ying Shih University. Chief Judge of Kaohsiung District Court 1976/8/21 to 1981/3/23
8 Ken-le CHUNG male 1924/6/19 An Wei, China Graduated from Ying Shih University. Chief Judge of Changhwa District Court 1981/3/23 to 1986/12/29
9 Yi-tsai KE male 1928/1/9 Che Chiang, China Graduated from National Taiwan University 1986/12/29 to 1987/5/16
10 Kuo-wei KUAN male 1928/9/20 Chiang Su, China Graduated from Taiwan University. 1987/5/16 to 1900/3/8
11 Chin-jui HUANG male 1933/10/2 Taiwan Graduated from Taiwan University. Chief Judge of Hsin Chu District Court 1900/3/8 to 1995/5/12
12 Tsai-chuen HSIEN male 1944/1/20 Taiwan Master of I-Mei University of South American, USA. Director-General of Civil Department of Juridical Yuen 1995/5/12 to 1997/2/4
13 Sou-ching SHEN male 1946/8/11 Fu Pei, China Graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University. Director-General of Criminal Department of Juridical Yuen 1997/3/11 to 1998/3/27
14 Wen Kuei TSAI male 1947/1/25 Taiwan Graduated from Taiwan University. Court Chief Judge of Chia Yi District Court 1998/3/27 to 1999/11/3
15 Ta-yang LIN male 1949/11/3 Taiwan Graduated from Taiwan University. Chief Judge of Yun Lin District Court 1999/11/3 to 2002/2/27
16 Chih-chia HSIEH male 1933/4/3 Hu Nan, China Graduated from Central Police Officer School. Chief Judge of Hua Lien Branch Court of Taiwan High Court 2002/2/27 to 2003/4/1
17 Sung-hsiung LIANG male 1942/1/1 Taiwan S.J.D. of Goethe University, West Germany Chief Judge of Changhwa District Court 2004/4/1 to 2004/3/11
18 Ching-yu TSAI male 1952/8/2 Taiwan Doctor of Chung San Academic Institute, University of Chinese Culture. President of Criminal Department of
Juridical Yuan
2004/3/11 to 2005/10/30
19 Ching-chen Wung male 1948/8/ Taiwan National Chung Cheng University NCCU Department of Law, Chief Judge of Tainan District Court 2005/10/31 to 2007/4/30
20 Yen-Wen Li male 1953/11/20 The Judge of The Supreme Court ,Director-General of Civil Department of Juridical Yuan 2007/4/30